Air Assault Bike - Glasgow Throwdown!

We've got a toy at our gym which is quickly becoming the most feared thing you'll find under our roof (besides David and Ross of course)...The Air Assault Bike.

Designed by a team of fitness engineers working alongside trainers, club owners and physical therapists, the Air Assault Bike was built to push people to their limits and provide a full body workout like no other machine can.

Every aspect of the bike has been meticulously designed to ensure that people can give their all every time they climb onto the seat - from the full high-tensile steel frame coated with a layer of industrial powder paint, to the sealed cartridge bearings that help the wheels spin like whirling dervishes. The bike has been designed to increase resistance as you pedal harder and faster, which is just gloriously evil.

Couple this robust design with structured interval sessions from our coaches designed to get the legs flying and the heart rate pumping and you have a recipe for the most intense conditioning you have done in a long time.

Scared yet? Or feeling up to the challenge of taking the bike on? On the last Saturday of January 2017, we're hosting a 'Glasgow Air Throwdown', where we'll be inviting people from across Glasgow to take part in our Air Assault challenge. 

This isn't just an event for our members! In fact, to make things interesting we want to mix it up a bit and let anyone get involved. 

So if you want to give it a shot, here's the info you need:  

  • You'll need to enter a team of 4, consisting of at least 1 existing FLY member (maximum of 2 per team) and at least 2 non-members (maximum of 3 per team). 
  • ​The challenge session will be running between 10am-12pm on the last Saturday of January (28th), so you've got plenty of time to get training!
  • ​Having just the throwdown might be a bit intense, so we're going to run a variety of events throughout the day which everyone can participate in. There's loads of prizes up for grabs, but we'll keep it all as a surprise for now!
  • To top it all off, if one of the non-member teammates decides to sign up for a movement screening with us, the fee will be waived completely! (to be completed before 14/02/2016). Well worth the effort. 

If the challenge is successful and plenty of people get involved, we'll try to make it an annual event (it'll probably take a year for your legs to properly recover anyway).

If you're interested and fancy finding out more, drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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