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Although our classes are best known for helping people reach their fitness goals, much of the positive feedback that we get from our members centres around the enjoyment that they derive from training alongside other people - most of whom they've never met before.

As the leaders of the classes, we have tried to build a positive community here at FLY and we find it incredible to watch how much the participants motivate each other during sessions, even if they were total strangers only a matter of minutes beforehand.

This is exactly why we've started providing corporate packages for businesses. The main goal of a staff outing is to help your staff bond, and to break the ice between new and existing members of staff. Nothing will break the ice quite like seeing Barry from accounts dripping in sweat as Linda madly encourages him to bust out another 3 burpees. And people thought she was quiet.

It'll give your staff a chance to see each other in a different light, as well as giving them something to talk to about besides the football at the weekend or the weather. We use fitness as a platform to improve communication lines and for people to understand the importance of each others roles within a diverse team.

And who knows, if the class is really popular amongst your staff then they might start heading to the gym together on a regular basis, building relationships and improving their wellbeing.

We can tailor the sessions to fit the needs of your business - whether you're looking for something light-hearted and fun or something that will help your employees to unleash their competitive side, we can plan the perfect schedule and deliver a day that your staff will really benefit from.

It won't just be a class that we'll provide either. We can offer nutritional advice, stretching tips and mobility workshops that your staff can take home with them and even apply back in the workplace.

So ditch the suits and try something that your employees will really benefit from for your next staff outing! For more information, please contact us today.


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