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David is the general manager and one of the trainers at FLY Functional Fitness. He has been fortunate enough to travel the world with his work, learning from different cultures and working alongside some of the leading experts in sport and fitness. Read more about his story here: 

My journey in the fitness industry started towards the end of a career in football which took me all over the world. Whilst studying in Exercise Science and completing a soccer scholarship in America I started working with golfers in Strength and Conditioning. This led me to pursue other sports and other avenues where I could continue to grow my knowledge in Strength and Conditioning. Through my time in America I was fortunate to work with golfers, football players, volleyball players and soccer players before graduating and realising that this was where I really wanted to focus my career.

I came back to the UK where I qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer and immediately set up my Personal Training Company. It was from this moment that I really started to figure out who I was and what I wanted to offer. Working with athletes was fantastic but being able to take my skills and knowledge and apply that to the general public was what I found to be a real skill, and a rewarding one at that. I believe I will forever be a student of the industry and as a result try to grow and learn every single day. When the opportunity arose for me to take my skills to Australia to play football and continue my Strength and Conditioning I could not turn this down. Seeing how people work in another country and how they apply their philosophies was something that gave me extra knowledge and insight to apply to my own coaching style.

After a spell in Singapore where I was fortunate enough to work with MMA fighters for 6 months, I came back to Scotland to work in the Private Health Sector.This was a fantastic opportunity for me and one that I embraced. Being part of a team of health professionals from GPs to physiologists and nutritionists, I gained a broader understanding of what elements really come together in order to help a client live to the fullest of their potential. Feeling slightly strangled by corporate rules I got the opportunity to come on board at FLY Functional Fitness and apply my business skills along with my training skills to really make the difference I believe I can with people and this great gym.

Fly is an outstanding environment that we have developed to bring in people regardless of where they are on their wellbeing journey and really teach and coach them on how to move properly and get the most out of their workouts. I get to apply my knowledge and coaching styles in a great Strength and Conditioning Facility alongside a fantastic partner in Coach Ross where we aim to develop our clients and educate them on not only how to move, but also why.

I still currently work with a number of professional athletes and continue to push my own boundaries and limits in order to make me feel what I am making my clients feel. I am a trainer who wants to understand what my clients are going through and what they are feeling regardless of the level that they are working at. I try to take my skill and knowledge and apply it to each individual as I see necessary for their own personal journey. My next personal challenge I have set myself is to complete a IronMan in summer 2017. This is after completing a cycle from London to Barcelona 2 years ago that took me both mentally and physically to places I never knew possible. I see the IronMan as the next step up form this and I can't wait to see just what I am capable of. This is the mindset I want to transfer to my clients. Your mind and body can go to places you never dreamed possible so long as you have a structured plan in place and trust the process.

David Winskill, Fly Functional Fitness


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