FLY Functional Classes

FLY workouts will go from compound bar work through to tyre flipping, box jumping and rope slamming. You name it and we do it here at FLY.

Check out each of the classes below to decide how you want to FLY.

Fly Functional

Structured Functional Group Training. Using barbells, kettle bells, slam balls, sleds and lots more!


Bag work and varied functional exercises: This fitness class uses basic bag drills and light weights for full body conditioning with Air Assault bikes.


The perfect fitness class programmed to get the most out of you and your lunch hour.

FLY Sculpt

Designed to promote muscle mass and reduce body fat.


An hour of mobility, flexibility and mid-line stability. Designed to improve movement and efficiency.


Scotland’s only Air Assault Bike class.


Come check us out and learn to FLY

Commit yourself to reaching your ultimate goal!