Derek McEwan


Wednesday, 29th March 2017

I joined FLY in October 2016. I'm 41 years old and have always kept myself "reasonably" fit but being honest it's always been bit of a rollercoaster both from a fitness perspective and the old waistline!

Last year I took part in a fundraising challenge called Arch2Arc which gave me an incredibly structured training program and I really benefitted from it. However once the challenge was complete I was a bit lost if I am honest. Setting up circuits in the gym and really going through the motions at classes with no real direction!

I had been a member at loads of gyms over the years and I wanted something different that would give me structure, accountability, results but also be fun. (No point in doing it if you hate it!) I had tried Crossfit before I started training for Arch2Arc and liked a lot of what that entailed but I felt it was a bit elitist & competitive. (At 41 my competition is with myself not a 21 year old Crossfit athlete! It just wasn't for me.)

Anyway a friend told me about FLY and I went down to try it out. It really ticked all the boxes for me. It gave me structure, the team and the great people I have met give me accountability, I am definitely getting results and most of all it is fun! I love the classes for the fitness element but feel that I am learning every day from Ross & David. The gym is very inclusive and everyone made welcome. We are all there to be the best individuals we can be but it's a real team spirit that gets you through the sessions. I've been going to gyms for 25 years (Feeling really old now!) and I have to say this is the best I've been to. Why? Because the Ross & David care about their members and want to get them results. No matter what level people are at, they get the most out of them and the benefits are clear for all to see!

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