The FLY Movement Continues

The FLY Movement Continues
After the success of our last events in both G.O.M.A, and most recently, in the fantastic venue that is BAAD we are now taking the FLY Movement to the next level.We are excited to announce that the world renowned DJ Ilyus is on board to get Glasgow moving again in one of the coolest venues in Europe, SWG3.Off the back of our last 2 mass workouts we...

Ross Park - Trainer Profile

Ross is the other half of the brains (and the brawn) behind FLY Functional Fitness. Read about his story below. My journey into the fitness industry started 15 years ago. Sport and training had played a big part in my life up until then, so it seemed like a natural progression. During the first 5 years I worked in 3 very different facilities, ...

David Winskill - Trainer Profile

David is the general manager and one of the trainers at FLY Functional Fitness. He has been fortunate enough to travel the world with his work, learning from different cultures and working alongside some of the leading experts in sport and fitness. Read more about his story here: My journey in the fitness industry started towards the end ...

Corporate Days - What We Can Do For Your Business

​Swap boring Powerpoints for exhilarating power sessions!Although our classes are best known for helping people reach their fitness goals, much of the positive feedback that we get from our members centres around the enjoyment that they derive from training alongside other people - most of whom they've never met before. As the leaders of the classe...

Air Assault Bike - Glasgow Throwdown!

​We've got a toy at our gym which is quickly becoming the most feared thing you'll find under our roof (besides David and Ross of course)...The Air Assault Bike.Designed by a team of fitness engineers working alongside trainers, club owners and physical therapists, the Air Assault Bike was built to push people to their limits and provide a ful...


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